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Scott sings of adoption (“The Exchange”) and heartbreak (“Ferris Wheel”) and weighty questions of family and identity, all in a stark voice that carries the ferocious conviction of every word. Keep up with this story and more You moved to Brooklyn from Nashville. I'm so much better here than I've been anywhere else. It was a show that she played with David Byrne in Nashville. I creepily waited outside of the venue to meet her. For some reason I was thinking about that, and it was something I hadn’t thought of in a while because I don’t run anymore—at all. Especially when you’re living half of it on the road in bands and airplanes and hotel rooms. It has its violent joys but also its violent loneliness.

As far as just my general well-being, my mental health, I definitely do better in Brooklyn. That record was with me when I was experiencing some significant depression. And she was kind enough to actually stop and take pictures with everyone that was waiting. I was having a lot of recurring imagery happen about my days in high school track. Then, simultaneously I had something interesting happen where I was reading a book that Ray Bradbury wrote called was used in a very interesting context in that book. And it’s not something that you can really be taught to do. I planned for the most part a career trajectory in my head over the last few years. There’s so much doomy talk about streaming services and Tidal lately.

Rob found this place, and it happened to be a mile from his home. What was the most difficult part of recording there? That did play a huge role in the songs on this record. I’ve been thinking a lot about history, or rather some things that happen when you’re a child and later retrospectively looking back as an adult. When we met the only thing that I had heard that he’d done was that first Anna Calvi record, which I loved.

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The most challenging part was the loneliness, and that also ended up being the greatest strength that we had during this recording process.

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I live right off of Broadway, so there's a lot of noise outside my window. I got that tattoo on my arm right before I moved to New York. He was thinking about the impatience of his youth and how when he was younger he never paced himself. Do you feel more optimistic about making a career from making albums?